• IAmTheWalrusAndProudOfIt

    My Favourite Beatles is the amazing Ringo Starr :) His talent on the drums astounds me (possibly because I've attempted the drums once before and it has ended up in a complete and total failure.) and I ♥LOVE♥ his voice. It's so different to the rest of The Beatles' (: Best Baritone Voice of all-time.

    In this order (and why):

    1. 1 ▬ Ringo Starr :) His voice is awesome and so are his' drumming skills' ;)... plus he was seriously hot. ♥ And he's the best voice actor that Thomas the Tank Engine has ever seen! ;D Plus, Octopus' Garden is BRILLIANT! I wanna be under the sea with my Richard Starkey ;) xD.
    1. 2 ▬Paul McCartney ;) He's definitely the cutest Beatle (though Ringo is totally up there with him.) Good voice too, best range in the Beatles. Good bass-guit…

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