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    today i will be ranking all the songs on Please Please me on my opinion. hope you enjoy. I will do my best to do With The Beatles as soon as possible.

    Please Please is one of my Favorite Albums, so this list was very very very hard list to choose. 

    1. Do You Want To Know A Secret?- So Number 1 on this list is the classic "Do You Want To Know A Secret" This song has always been one of my favorties. I think this song is perfect for George and the lycris "I've  known a secret for a week or two, nobody know just we too!" is complete gold. This song will defintiley be in my top 20 Favorite Beatle Songs. 

    2. P.S I Love You- One of pauls best vocals in my opinion. Every bit of this song is promissing! It is unlucky not be No 1 as it is an amazing tuneā€¦

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