The one recently-active admin (Yeepsi) has not logged in for 62 days as of this post (2013-08-01), and last edited 80 days ago (2013-07-14). Between this inactivity and the problems on this wiki (there are pages which have been marked for deletion for months, instead of the one or two weeks which should be the case; and a nonsense page which was posted a week ago, which should have been deleted on sight and the user banned, is still there), this wiki is ripe for adoption. However, as there is at least one active user other than myself, the adoption procedure requires that I create a blog post and leave it open for comments for at least seven days. As I couldn't find any community space to which such posts can be made, I have posted in my own space.

If you have any thoughts as to whether I should become another admin, or if you think you should be an admin, reply here. At the end of the week, if there are no objections, I will push ahead with the adoption.

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