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  • Evilquoll

    Copying from Wikipedia

    April 12, 2015 by Evilquoll

    I have come across far too many articles on this wiki which have been incompetently copied from Wikipedia. Said incompetence usually takes both of two forms:

    1. The page text is derived from the rendered HTML of the Wikipedia article. This is mind-boggling as copying the MediaWiki source code directly not only gives better results, it is actually a lot easier. Converting the HTML back to MediaWiki results in errors such as the article having two tables of contents (one copied, one generated) or "references" linking back to the Wikipedia original (which is no longer guaranteed to match them) instead of being in-page.
    2. The article is copied without attribution. This is serious as the Wikipedia licence is CC-BY-SA, not just CC; by failing to add the

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  • Evilquoll

    Edit summaries can be confusing because there are many abbreviations used; especially by those who do a lot of summarised edits. Here are a few of them:

    adding the named template (usually "delete" or "stub")
    removing the named template
    adding category/categories
    removing category/categories
    (correcting) spelling
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  • Evilquoll

    I think there has been far too much uploading of images without thought as to use, and in some cases with blatant disregard of the image copyright. The latter is especially serious as copyright violation has been a crime in the UK since 1989, and in the USA since about 2000. I have just a few minutes ago had to delete three images on the grounds of copyright violation, and I suspect there are many more.

    Always remember that just because something is within your reach, that does not give you the right to take it (the childhood doctrine of "finders keepers" is false; the law calls it "stealing by finding"); this means that you cannot simply upload an image here just because you "found it on the web somewhere".

    Images must only be uploaded beca…

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  • Evilquoll

    Adoption of this wiki

    October 2, 2013 by Evilquoll

    The one recently-active admin (Yeepsi) has not logged in for 62 days as of this post (2013-08-01), and last edited 80 days ago (2013-07-14). Between this inactivity and the problems on this wiki (there are pages which have been marked for deletion for months, instead of the one or two weeks which should be the case; and a nonsense page which was posted a week ago, which should have been deleted on sight and the user banned, is still there), this wiki is ripe for adoption. However, as there is at least one active user other than myself, the adoption procedure requires that I create a blog post and leave it open for comments for at least seven days. As I couldn't find any community space to which such posts can be made, I have posted in my o…

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