The Monkees, publicity shot c. 1966

The Monkees were an American pop/rock group created by television producers, Bob Rafalson and Bert Schneider and music mogul, Don Kircshner in the mid-1960s for a television sitcom of a same name. The main members of the group were four actors, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith.

Dubbed "The Pre-Fab Four", the group's television series bore many similarities to The Beatles' two films, A Hard Day's Night and Help! (film), and their albums and singles were crafted by some of the best songwriters and producers of the period. The band's television series premiered and thier first album was released shortly after The Beatles' last tour in September of 1966 and they quickly became popular with teenagers who had grown tired of the Beatles.

Michael Nesmith (left), with John Lennon

In 1967, during a tour of the United Kingdom, the Monkees met the Beatles, and John Lennon stated he was a fan of the group and proclaimed them "the greatest comedy team since the Marx Brothers". Group member Michael Nesmith appears in the A Day in the Life promo video, breifly chatting with John.


The Monkees appear with Ringo Starr in a Pizza Hut commerical

In 1995, Dolenz, Jones, and Tork appeared alongside Ringo Starr in a commerical for Pizza Hut.
A monkee and a Beatle

Micky Dolenz (left) and Paul McCartney

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