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Peter Blake is a British Artist who is famous for Creating The Famous Beatles Sgt Pepper Album Cover in 1967. In 2012 he made a new version to commemorate his 80th Birthday.


Sir Peter Blake

Pcs7027 a

Sir Peter Blake's most famous masterpiece, The original Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band Album Cover.

Sir-Peter-Blake- 5 2895816b

Sir Peter Blake's Royal Albert Hall Collage.

Pepper-858 2183224c

Sir Peter Blake's 2012 Sgt Pepper Album Cover celebrating his 80th Birthday.

Peter Blake Sgt Pepper style cover 2003

2003 Sgt Pepper Liverpool icons version.

Peter Blake High Street Heroes

Peter Blake High Street Heroes 2014.

Peter Blake's Brit Award Trophy

Peter Blake's Brit Awards Trophy.

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