"Los Paranoias" is a Beatles song from Anthology 3. It was an improvisation, so there was no writing behind it. The song is a short part at the end of "Step Inside Love," and the full version can only be found on bootlegs.  The full version from bootlegs can be found on Youtube.


"Los Paranoias" was recorded during the sessions for "I Will" on the 35th take.  It was recorded on September 16, and George Harrison was not present for the sessions.  It started at the end of Paul's version of "Step Inside Love," as song written for Cilla Black, when Paul said "Joe Prairie and the Prairie Wallflowers."  John said "Los Paranoias" after that, and Paul started playing this improvised song.  The normal length of the song was 3:48, but it was shortened for Anthology.


George Harrison was not present.

Length-3:48, or about 1:00

Album-Anthology 3

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