Junk is the sixth track from McCartney and the seventh track from Anthology 3, written during the Beatles' time in India, originially slated for release on The Beatles, or the White Album, then passed over to Abbey Road, then simply not used. It was later released on McCartney, with the first take becoming "Singalong Junk" and the second take becoming the song featured on McCartney.

"Junk" personnel Edit

Singalong Junk Edit

        Singalong Junk is an instrumental version of Junk, featured only on McCartney. This was the version McCartney was to sing to, but instead chose a much simpler tune. The melody is played on piano, has mellotron in it, has extra and more drums and is entirely rid of vocals.

"Singalong Junk" personnel Edit

  • Paul McCartney - Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, mellotron, drums

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