"Horse To The Water" is a song written by George Harrison and his son Dhani. It was originally performed by Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, featuring Harrison, on the album "Small World, Big Band" (also known as Jools Holland's Big Band Rhythm & Blues). Recorded on 2 October 2001, the song is Harrison's last performance on a record. George recorded his vocals and guitar tracks in Switzerland while Holland would later overdub the "big band" and chorus in his studio in England. Harrison only performed vocals on the track, as he was too weak from battling cancer to play guitar, and he died less than two months later on 29 November. Lead guitar on this song is played by Dhani. George listed the song's publisher as "R.I.P Music Ltd" instead of his usual music company Harrisongs, which Holland said showed "Harrison's dark sense of humour."

The lyrics partially reflect George's own stubbornness in not quitting smoking despite the medical evidence that it causes the disease, and relates this to other people who ignore warnings, enlightenment and plain common sense.

Holland played the song in tribute to Harrison at 2002's Concert for George, with Sam Brown on lead vocals.

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