Help! (UK)
Help! -Stereo-
Released August 6, 1965
Studio EMI Studios, London
Genre Folk Rock, Rock and roll, Merseybeat
Length 32:45
Label Parlophone
Producer George Martin
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UK versionEdit

Help! is the fifth album by The Beatles; it was released in August 1965. Produced by George Martin for EMI Records, the album (in its original British form) contains seven songs that appeared in the movie of the same name, and seven that did not, including the Paul McCartney ballad Yesterday, the most covered song of all time.

George Harrison contributed the songs "I Need You" and "You Like Me Too Much." These were Harrison's second contributions to a Beatles album; the first was "Don't Bother Me", from With the Beatles. In 2003, the album was ranked number 332 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The album is often regarded as the last of the "early" albums and a transition from the old rock and roll days and to the more creative side of the Beatles. The album is the last to contain a cover (save "Maggie Mae" from the album Let It Be), which was "Act Naturally".


All songs written by Lennon/McCartney, except where noted otherwise.

Side oneEdit

All songs on side one appear in the movie.

No. Tittle Songwriter(s) Lead Vocal(s) Time
1 Help! Lennon with McCartney Lennon 2:18
2 The Night Before McCartney McCartney 2:33
3 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away Lennon Lennon 2:08
4 I Need You Harrison Harrison 2:28
5 Another Girl McCartney McCartney 2:05
6 You're Going to Lose That Girl Lennon Lennon 2:17
7 Ticket to Ride Lennon with McCartney Lennon with McCartney 3:10

Side twoEdit

No. Tittle Songwriter(s) Lead Vocal(s) Time
1 Act Naturally Johnny Russell and Voni Morrison Starr 2:29
2 It's Only Love Lennon Lennon 1:54
3 You Like Me Too Much Harrison Harrison 2:35
4 Tell Me What You See McCartney with Lennon McCartney with Lennon 2:36
5 I've Just Seen a Face McCartney McCartney 2:04
6 Yesterday McCartney McCartney 2:03
7 Dizzy Miss Lizzy Larry Williams Lennon 2:53

American versionEdit

Help! (US)
Released 13 August 1965
Studio EMI Studios, London
Genre rock, instrumental
Length 28:43
Label Capitol
Producer George Martin,
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The North American version, the band's eighth Capitol Records album and tenth overall, includes the songs in the film plus selections from the orchestral score composed and conducted by Ken Thorne, which contains one of the first uses of the Indian sitar on a rock/pop album. "Ticket to Ride" is the only song on the American release in duophonic stereo (also known as "fake stereo") reprocessed from the mono mix. This album is available on CD as part of The Capitol Albums, Volume 2 box set. This set also includes the mono version of the American release, which is purely a stereo-to-mono fold-down mix, including the "fake stereo" duophonic "Ticket To Ride" folded down to mono, despite Capitol already having the mono mixes for the single releases of both that song and "Help!". A second CD release of this album, which contained the seven songs in true mono was issued in 2014 individually and part of the Beatles' The U.S. Albums boxed set.

The American version of "Help!" reached the number one spot on the Billboard album charts for nine weeks starting on 11 September 1965.


Side oneEdit

  1. "Help!" (preceded by Ken Thorne's "James Bond Theme" instrumental arrangement)
  2. "The Night Before"
  3. "From Me to You Fantasy" (instrumental) (Lennon, McCartney, Ken Thorne)
  4. "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"
  5. "I Need You" (Harrison)
  6. "In The Tyrol" (instrumental) (Ken Thorne)

Side twoEdit

  1. "Another Girl"
  2. "Another Hard Day's Night" (instrumental) (Lennon/McCartney, Thorne)
  3. "Ticket to Ride"
  4. Medley: "The Bitter End" (Ken Thorne)/"You Can't Do That" (instrumental) (Lennon/McCartney, arranged by Ken Thorne)
  5. "You're Going to Lose That Girl"
  6. "The Chase" (instrumental) (Ken Thorne)


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