"Free as a Bird" is a single released by The Beatles in 1995. The song is 4:26 in length.


Free As A Bird Single


"Free as a Bird" was originally a song written by John Lennon after the breakup of The Beatles. The recording was never finished. After his death, Yoko Ono gave the remaining Beatles the unfinished tape. The Beatles reunited and completed the song. This was one of the two singles made during the "reunion" of The Beatles (the other being "Real Love").

The Beatles' overdubs were recorded in 1994, with producer Jeff Lynne . Lennon's singing in the song was originally off time, so it was fixed. The song features John Lennon singing lead, with Paul McCartney and George Harrison singing backup. "Free as a Bird" was released as a single along with The Beatles' compilation album, Anthology 1. The bridge was written by Paul McCartney. This version of the song got mixed reviews when released; some liked the concept, others felt it should have been untouched.[citation needed]



John Lennon - Free As A Bird (Original)-003:35

John Lennon - Free As A Bird (Original)-0

This is a "Free As A Bird" original demo by John Lennon, one of two versions in circulation.

The Beatles - Free As A Bird (HQ)04:25

The Beatles - Free As A Bird (HQ)

The Beatles - Free As A Bird (HQ)

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