The Dreadful Flying Glove was a weapon of the Blue Meanies and a pet of the Chief Blue Meanie. It takes the appearance of a large blue glove with a green eye formed by the nail at the end of its thumb and a Mouth formed by the middle and ring finger, which contains grey teeth. It is subservient to the Chief Blue Meanie, and has an aversion to positive words like all Blue Meanies. It also has a cruel sense of humour as it can be heard laughing when it is succeeding in a destructive task. It also enjoys being stroked on its Index finger by the Chief Blue Meanie. There is only one Dreadful Flying Glove, much like there is only one Four Headed Dog.

It has the ability to fly and crush when in fist formation. It also has the ability to fire "o-blue-terating" rays. It usually points to a place and then "pounces"upon it, attacking it using the various ways described above.

During the attempted occupation and silencing of Pepperland, the Dreadful Flying Glove was ordered by the Chief Blue Meanie to pursue Young Jim and destroy him. During the Glove's attempted destruction of Young Jim, it attacks parts of Pepperland, including reducing a large monument of the word "Know" into "No", This is likely to have been a happy accident, as Blue Meanies have a hatred of positive words, but as Glove tries to crush Young Jim whilst in its fist position, he is temporarily blinded.

Glove makes its final confrontation against John, as the Beatles lead the inhabitants of Pepperland into revolt against the Meanies.It is defeated by John singing "All You Need Is Love" and is coated in the positive lyrics of the song, as they appear when John sings them. Glove flies away and is not seen again, however, a similar Glove can be seen in the form of an immobile glove, frozen in the process of forming a Rainbow, at the climax of the film when everybody sings "Its all too much". It may be the case that the positive words transformed Glove into a more loving entity.

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