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Cloud Nine is a George Harrison album that was released in 1987. It is a comeback album released 5 years after his previous album, Gone Troppo. It was produced by Jeff Lynne, who also co-wrote four of the album's songs. 

Track ListingEdit

  1. That's What It Takes - 3:59
  2. Fish on the Sand - 3:22
  3. Just for today - 4:06
  4. This is Love - 3:48
  5. When We Was Fab - 3:57
  6. Devil's Radio - 3:52
  7. Someplace Else - 3:51
  8. Wreck of the Hersperus - 3:31
  9. Breath Away from Heaven - 3:36
  10. Got My Mind Set on You - 3:51
  11. Shanghai Surprise - 5:09 (bonus track)
  12. Zig Zag - 2:49 (bonus track)
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