This article is a discography of releases by Apple Records, a record label formed by The Beatles in 1968. During its early years, the label enjoyed a fair degree of commercial success, most notably with Mary Hopkin and Badfinger, as well as discovering acts such as James Taylor who would go on to greater success with other labels. However, by the mid 1970s, Apple had become little more than an outlet for the Beatles' solo recordings (although, as the solo Beatles were actually still under contract to EMI, the Apple label was, in truth, only a cosmetic addition to their releases). After EMI's contract with the Beatles ended in 1976 the Apple label was finally wound up. The label was reactivated in the 1990s with many of the original Apple albums being re-issued on compact disc and the company now oversees new Beatles releases such as the Anthology and 1 albums.

For convenience, releases are divided into UK and US releases. However, some releases which were designated a UK-sequence catalogue number were only issued in certain mainland European countries. Additionally, with the Beatles still being under contract to EMI, all of the group's releases (and some of their solo records) retained the numbering systems of Parlophone (for the UK) and Capitol (for the US).


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